I Can Explain Book (pre-order)

I Can Explain Book (pre-order)

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This is a first edition, hardcover coffee table book available in a limited quantity.

Rock star, rapper, streamer, criminal, addict, troubled, passionate artist. Father, romantic, genre-bending genius. Ronnie Radke returns with a straightforward message to his devoted fans, loyal friends, and bitter rivals: I CAN EXPLAIN. In this book, Ronnie goes on the record like never before, detailing his triumphs, tragedies, and shenanigans. It’s an intimate look at the uncompromising creative vision behind a catalog of confessional and authentic music, two gold records, and multiple artistic reinventions. Written with longtime journalist and confidante Ryan J. Downey, Ronnie dives into his childhood, early bands, tomfoolery, heartbreaks, the formation of Escape The Fate, and the fateful day in the desert that led to both his incarceration and triumphant resurrection with Falling In Reverse. The first editions of the long-in-the-works I CAN EXPLAIN will arrive as a full-blown coffee table book, in large format packed with color photos, exquisite printing, and of course, Ronnie’s wit.

This book is currently on preorder with an estimated ship time of Fall 2022.

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